Jamie & Ted

I didn't get the chance to meet Jamie or Ted before their wedding day. It was a couple of weeks before their big day that Melissa, (who I knew from high school) Ted's sister, called me asking to help. I always like to meet the couples before hand to go over important details and just to get to know them a little better. Since I never got that time I was a little nervous but that feeling soon went away. I was welcomed with hugs from them both and I really felt like I've known them for awhile. It was really easy to pick up on their silly, fun and charming personalities. As I got to know them better I found out these two met only 7 months ago at the Cleveland Horseshoe Casino. It was a little bit of luck and a whole lot of love that brought them to this day. It was a pleasure to be around all their close friends and family watching them enjoy each other. I put together some highlights from the day and just a warning... if you do happen to do a goofy face on purpose such as Melissa did, it will be posted on the blog. Congrats Guys!!!